Posted by CTIF 08 Aug 2023

Moss Landing in California is now the world’s biggest battery storage project at 3GWh capacity. China is also building large lithium-ion battery energy storage facilities. But China is also goign a different route, storing energy through physical weights in Gravity Energy Storage Systems.

EnergyStorage.News wrote on August 2 that Vistra Energy has announced the completion of work to expand its Moss Landing Energy Storage Facility in California, the world’s largest lithium battery energy storage system (BESS). 

An additional 350MW output and 1,400MWh energy capacity has been added to the plant, bringing it to a total 750MW/3,000 MWh.

Lithium-ion  batteries are fire prone and are notoriously difficult to extinguish - the more lithium the larger the fire follows lithium-ion battery safety, and we wrote recently about two incidents in the United States:

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